Thanks for visiting. This site has information on many of earthquake's personal obsessions having to do with sex and erotica (plus a soupçon of politics). New for 2003: Alien Ambassadors, a sex game for two players of any gender, and a political rant, What I Try Not To Think About. New for 2004: Riding Thestrals.



Security is her profession. And it's also what she must have, before she can open herself to love.

I believe firmly that everyone must write his or her own erotica. Just as in the fairy tale Goldilocks and The Three Bears, everyone else's is too cold, too hot, too hard, too soft...whatever. So in the 90's I wrote a fiction that included everything that turned me on at the time. And I do mean everything - except raptors -

I had this privately printed for friends and a few kinky collectors. And now thanks to the miracle of the web, I can post it here. Right now the only piece I've posted is the afterword, my rant about pornography etcetera. I'll post the full work as soon as I get its character strings off my old Macintosh disks. If you'd like to be notified when they're up, send me e-mail.

Fair warning: the things that turn me on bore many people. Only two chapters are NC-17; the rest are full of descriptions of clothing and eating and job interviews and war. I don't care if you find my turn-ons boring, however, because the real magic of Security is this: many people who read my erotica get the urge to write their own. I hope that if you try reading it you yourself also experience this pleasant side effect.

To end with irony: the year after I wrote Security, the bedrock stuff that turned me on totally changed. (Maybe writing it out so completely had something to do with this - who knows?) I'm still writing about what turns me on; in fact I've got pieces about my new obsessions on the market now. I'll post them here only if I completely give up on trying to sell them. This site is about free fiction (fiction that's free in every respect) and always will be.


HP Slash

Here at we run a testing laboratory for HP slash, focusing on H/D.

What is HP slash? Why is it? I'm working on an extended review essay to answer these questions, and plan to post it here when it's ready. In the meantime, read Ivy Blossom's manifesto. She speaks for me. And her page has really delightful graphics!

If you want to discuss slash right now, and you've already read the HPs, I invite you to register at Fiction Alley and choose the 'ship or 'ships that work for you personally. You may find me on the discussion board called SCUSA - Guns & Handcuffs (Harry/Draco); I also drop in on Kicks + Giggles (Seamus/Dean) and Heart of Darkness (Tom/Draco) - perhaps the less said about that ship the better!

G&H has its own web site now - since FA's deal with its ISP doesn't let them host NC-17 fics, this is very welcome. Its graphics are a bit wonky at the moment but it has all the discussions archived...

I also participate in a number of yahoogroup and livejournal discussions; if you'd like to know which ones, write me or put a note on my livejournal and I'll try to help you find one that you'd personally enjoy. I'm going to do rec lists someday...

My own HP slash fics? I'm embarrassed about how fluffy and romantic they are; the H/D I like to read is quite different from what I've been able to write so far. Still, the links are here.

I also read and enjoy het, and fics where it's not clear whether they're het or not. Just wanted to make that clear! Speaking of which, I'm tied to the tracks in front of the thundering locomotive that is The Draco Trilogy. (Who isn't?)

Amusing and embarrassing and historical: before I got into HP slash, before I even knew HP fanfiction existed, I wrote this open letter to jkr. Much more recently I tried reviewing Order of the Phoenix as if it were a fanfic. You can decide for yourself whether I succeeded.


If You Know Me In RL

As they say at Burning Man: no spectators! If you know me in RL, you're more than welcome to hang out with my earthquake persona. But I suggest that if you want to do anything more than just read my fics because you want to laugh hysterically (and you know who you are!), that you actually register at FA and send me (as "earthquake") a private owl telling me what your FA name is. And then if you want we can discuss fic recommendations tailored just for you - there are a lot of excellent heterosexually focused ones, for those of you who like it straight - and we can take it from there.


What's Up With The Name?

I started calling myself earthquake a few years ago when I joined a local leather organization. It's not a secret that I'm into power exchange sex, but the org seemed more comfy with people having sobriquets rather than my using my RL name and e-mail address. (I live in a town that's more closeted than the one I came out in...San Francisco...well I guess most places are more closeted than there!) Anyway, by then all the good yahoo names were taken; you pretty much had to take some word and add a number. I was trying to think of what word went nicely with a number, and I still have a lurking nostalgia for pre-plague SF (I will always be glad I fully experienced the world before AIDS, and the web, changed everything in their several ways, but that's another rant) and so I picked the date of the now-long-ago San Francisco earthquake.

From time to time I do use "earthquake" (the noun, not the name) as a synonym for orgasm. In that sense, I live to journey farther and farther up the Richter scale, and I wish you the same!

Ciao for now,

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