I'm glad I've written some HP slash, if only to discover how difficult it is to do it well...which in turn has made me a more sympathetic reviewer and essayist. These fics involve Harry/Draco slash: men making love, or at least talking about making love. If not interested, don't read!


H/D Fluff

Spring Dreams: ficlet for the October 2002 Armchair Challenge. The only time I've tried to write "H/D at Hogwarts" (seventh year). PG fade to black.

Expanded Version Of A Timeless Classic is at Fiction Alley's Astronomy Tower. "H/D at 50." (Well, one take on the possibilities thereof, and I'd only been in the fandom for a few weeks, and I'd been blown away by everyone else's fics, so be gentle.) R for language.

Astronomy Tower also has the all-fluff version of Hedge of Thorns.


H/D in JaneEyreWorld

A sensitive young tutor. A gloomy manor. H/D slash in the alternate universe of Charlotte Brontė's Jane Eyre. This longer and more torturous version has twice the Tragic SecretsTM of the original.

Part I: Hedge of Thorns (PG)
Part II: Only Castles Burning (NC-17)

These two longish fics have been moved to a restricted section, or I'd be happy to mail you copies if you write me and affirm that you are over 18. I've enjoyed the LJ discussion of whether or not the sex scenes are sexy (opinions are about evenly divided) and encourage further comments on this fic's review board.

Us is a brief JaneEyreWorld ficlet that takes place after HoT/OCB. In addition to being "fluff about angst" it's also a tribute to the short darkfics of Sirylu.

H/D/R Satire

I wrote a satire, "The Old Man and the Boys," for durendal's birthday 2002. It's currently only on my livejournal.

notes on Security and HP slash and my name
rant about pornography (intro to Security, 1997)
earthquake to rowling (open letter from fall 2000)
riding thestrals: an OotP reading-reaction (Hallowe'en 2004)
the alien ambassadors sex game (Valentine's Day 2003)
rant about politics (Lent 2003)

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